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What makes us Different?

Air Duct King believes in using the most quality equipment available. In fact, we use the only power- vac cleaning system in Illinois. We don’t believe in using subpar equipment just so we can charge a lower price because we want our customers to be completely satisfied with our work.

Some air duct cleaning companies utilize poor equipment, which can actually cross-contaminate your air ducts because of the weak suction power. However, our American caddy vac truck-mounted system generates 16,000 cf/m suction power, so that will never be a problem. In our many years of working in the air duct cleaning service industry, we have NEVER had a disappointed customer. So often, our customers hired shoddy cleaning companies to clean their ductwork, only to be ripped off. At Air Duct King, we use state-of-the-art equipment and keep updated with the latest techniques and breakthroughs in the duct cleaning industry.

Our cleaning system is truck-mounted, and we insert a vacuum hose that sucks in all the debris and dirt from your vent systems. We don’t use portable units for residential homes unlike many others. Some companies even use carpet cleaning equipment to perform duct cleaning jobs so they can make a quick buck, but we only use the best equipment because we would never want to sacrifice our quality. Through the years, we’ve built a brand as the high-class, high-quality air duct cleaning company that has the best customer service, and we would not jeopardize that reputation for a few dollars.

We have been in business for so long because we keep our customers happy. They’ve seen the poor work other duct cleaners have done with their air duct systems and are extremely happy with the job we do. In return, our customers are extremely loyal to Air Duct King. That’s how we’ve been so successful for so many years.

Additionally, all of our pricing is completely upfront. We never give out a low quote only to raise the price on you when we get there unlike many other companies. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service so that you’ll continue to use Air Duct King in the future, and we can’t do that by tricking potential customers.

If you are interested in hiring our services, please give us a call or fill out the free estimate form. We promise you won’t be disappointed.