Air Duct Cleaning

Duct work is never going to be pretty, but that is what we are here for! We have found that even people with extremely clean homes have duct build up over time. It is just something that you can’t avoid most of the time. That build up can also come with mildew, mold, and things of that nature that are not healthy and could lead to health problems down the road. People with allergies can be even more sensitive to these kinds of build ups as it is blown through the air in the space they are in.

The equipment that we will use for your air duct cleaning is always tested and maintained properly to ensure that it is performing at its best at all times. The interior of your air ducts are going to be extremely clean. You will be able to see the difference right away and know that your investment in our services was a small price to pay for a job well done.

So, What Exactly Do We Cover?

-We clean air ducts, furnaces, evaporation coils for the air conditioner, and main lines.

-A sanitizing process takes place in order to rid the space from bacteria and other things that can cause health problems over time.

-We work to deodorize your space. This is basically our fancy way of saying we make the nasty smells go away!

You may be wondering, how do they do it exactly? You would not be the first person to ask us that question and you won’t be the last. We utilize our awesome vacuum process to clean out your ducts. Then we go through and manually clean out any other debris that may still be left behind. We find that by going through manually after the machine that we have a checks and balance system. It is our way of double checking and ensuring that we did a thorough job.

The process may be a little more complex than that, depending on the size of the job and the type of space we are dealing with. But, that is the basic idea. The price simply cannot be beat. Your health and the health of the space you are in should always be a priority. We may find bacteria and things that cause health problems even though you had no idea they were there.

Feel free to give us a call or get in touch with us by using the “contact us” page. Then we can get in touch with you and discuss what things are going to be like for your specific situation. You can also ask us any questions at that point and we will do our best to make sure you are fully informed before you buy.